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Single Audit Brochure

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Each year, the Federal Government provides over $300 billion–one-sixth of the Federal budget–in grants to non-Federal entities (States, local and tribal governments, colleges and universities, and other nonprofit organizations). Audits are a primary tool used by the Federal government to ensure that these funds are expended properly.

Basic Requirements

All non-Federal entities that expend $300,000 or more of Federal awards in a year are required to obtain an annual audit in accordance with the Single Audit Act Amendments of 1996, Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-133, "Audits of States, Local Governments and Non-Profit Organizations," the OMB Circular A-133 Compliance Supplement and Government Auditing Standards. Entities expending less than $300,000 in a year are exempt from Federal audit requirements, but must make records available for review or audit by Federal agencies or pass-through entities (non-Federal entities from whom they receive Federal funds), if requested.

Page updated: December 09, 2021