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Request for Information: Summer Meal Programs Data Reporting Requirements

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The purpose of this Request for Information is to help the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) better understand what sponsors and state agencies could regularly report to FNS to more adequately track participation in the summer meal programs. The current data reporting system for sponsors and state agencies was designed primarily to process meal claims and not to track program participation.

FNS is interested in modifying the current reporting system to better identify the number of eligible children the programs are serving and assess the impacts of efforts to increase program participation. In order to develop proposed changes to reporting requirements, FNS is seeking information from all affected parties regarding current state agency and sponsor data reporting requirements.

Specifically, FNS is interested in information about data that sites, sponsors, and state agencies currently collect but do not report to FNS, as well as the feasibility of obtaining currently reported data in a timelier manner. FNS is particularly interested in the opportunities and challenges associated with these changes.

Page updated: May 28, 2021