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Sponsor and Site Application Requirements

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SFSP Policy Memorandum #1-99
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DATE:Dec. 4, 1998
MEMO CODE:SFSP Policy Memorandum #1-99
SUBJECT:Sponsor and Site Application Requirements
TO:Regional Directors
Child Nutrition Programs
All Regions

This memorandum sets forth procedures that may be taken to reduce application requirements for sponsors who have successfully participated in the SFSP in the prior year. It is a continuation of SFSP Policy Memorandum #1-98, issued on Feb. 10, 1998, and follows the provisions outlined in the proposed SFSP rule published on Oct. 13, 1998, (63 FR 54617). Please note that a change was made from SFSP Policy Memorandum #1-98 to reflect a clarification made in the proposed rule regarding invitations for bid. This memorandum is effective upon issuance, and will remain in effect until superseded by regulation or future memorandum.

First, we want to affirm our support of reducing paperwork to the maximum extent possible for state and local education agencies, other entities participating in nutrition programs, and families of children participating in these programs. The SFSP sponsor and site application procedures have repeatedly been targeted by program administrators as potential areas where paperwork could be reduced and state and sponsor administrative efforts better targeted.

In response to these concerns, this memorandum provides state agencies with a waiver procedure for those sponsor and site application requirements which they believe are no longer essential in some situations. Therefore, any state agency that wishes to adopt the revised application requirements set forth in this memorandum may obtain a waiver by notifying the regional office, in writing, of its intent to implement all or only selected provisions of this memorandum. This will greatly simplify the waiver process for state agencies wishing to implement some or all of these changes to the current application procedures. Please note that the state agency reporting requirements normally associated with waivers do not apply to waivers granted under this memorandum. However, regional offices should provide us with a list of states that receive these waivers by Oct. 15, 1999.

It is evident that many state agencies believe that some current application procedures are no longer necessary for sponsors and sites that have successfully participated in the SFSP. Therefore, this memorandum establishes revised application procedures for “experienced” sponsors and sites which state agencies may implement. For the purposes of this memorandum, “experienced” sponsors are those sponsors which, in the determination of the state agency, operated the same sites in the SFSP in the prior year with no significant deficiencies or operational problems. Experienced sponsors which add new sites must follow the current site application requirements for their new sites, but may follow the revised requirements for all other sites, and for sponsor information.

The following chart outlines current sponsor and site application requirements, and revised requirements for “experienced” sponsors. References to “N/A” on the chart are intended to convey that a sponsor need not report the required information unless a change has taken place since the information was most recently provided. Of course, this memorandum does not relieve sponsors of their responsibility to inform the state agency of changes that take place after the application has been completed.

Sponsor and Site Application Requirements
General Requirements for Site Information Sheets
Current Requirements, with Regulatory CitationsRequirements for “Experienced” Sponsors/Sites
Description of organized and supervised system for serving meals to attending children. [§ 225.6(c)(2)(i)(A)]N/A
Estimated number and types of meals to be served and time of meal service for each site. [§ 225.6(c)(2)(i)(B)]Estimated number and types of meals to be served and time of meal service for each site.
Arrangements for delivery and holding of meals until they are served, and for storing and refrigerating leftovers. [§ 225.6(c)(2)(i)(C)]N/A
Arrangements for food service during periods of inclement weather. [§ 225.6(c)(2)(i)(D)]N/A

[Note: If the site's location will change in the event of inclement weather, sponsors must always provide notice of the alternate location to the state agency.]
Access to a means of communication for making adjustments to the number of meals delivered in accordance with the site's average daily attendance. [§ 225.6(c)(2)(i)(E)]N/A
Whether each site is rural or non-rural, and whether the site's food service will be self-prepared or vended. [§ 225.6(c)(2)(i)(H)]N/A

[Note: If this provision is waived, state agencies should remind sponsors that a failure to report a change could result in over- or under-payments.]
Requirements for “Experienced” Sponsors/Sites
For “open” and “open-enrolled” sites, documentation of area eligibility based on elementary school free and reduced price enrollment data or census data, as appropriate based on guidance issued 2/25/94. Such documentation is required to be obtained every other year. [§ 225.6(c)(2)(i)(F) and (G); § 225.6(c)(2)(ii)(B)]

[Note: Per guidance issued on 4/23/92, “open-enrolled” sites exist where enrolled sites are initially open to broader community participation, but the sponsor limits attendance for reasons of security, safety, or control.]
For “open” and “open-enrolled” sites, new documentation of area eligibility every 3 years when based on elementary school free and reduced price enrollment data. When census data are used, new documentation of eligibility is required only when new census data are made available, or earlier if the state agency has reason to believe that an area's socioeconomic status has changed significantly since the last census.

[Note: This requirement is not intended to establish 1999 as the “base year” for site eligibility determinations. For example, a site which last established its eligibility in 1997 is not required to re-establish eligibility until 2000.]
For “closed enrolled” sites, the projected number of children enrolled and the projected number of children eligible for free and reduced price meals based on individual free and reduced price applications. [§ 225.6(c)(2)(i)(G)]For “closed enrolled” sites, the projected number of children enrolled and the projected number of children eligible for free and reduced price meals based on individual free and reduced price applications.
Additional Requirements for Camps
Documentation showing the number of children enrolled in each session who are eligible for free or reduced price meals. [§ 225.6(c)(2)(iii)]Documentation showing the number of children enrolled in each session who are eligible for free or reduced price meals.
Additional Requirements for Migrant Sites
Certification from a migrant organization which attests that the site serves children of migrant worker families. If the site also serves non-migrant children, the sponsor must also certify that the site predominantly serves migrant children. [§ 225.6(c)(2)(ii)(A)]N/A
Additional Requirements for Homeless Feeding Sites*
Submission of information sufficient to document that the site is not a residential child care institution, and that the site's primary purpose is to provide shelter and one or more meal services per day to homeless families. [§ 225.6(c)(2)(iv)]N/A
Description of the method used to ensure that cash payments, food stamps, and in-kind services are not received for any SFSP meal served to children at the site. [§ 225.6(c)(2)(iv)]N/A

*In accordance with PL 105-336, requirements for homeless feeding sites in the SFSP will change effective July 1, 1999. At that time, these sites will be moved to the Child and Adult Food Care Program (CACFP). A separate memorandum will be issued in the near future regarding implementation of these changes.

Additional Requirements for National Youth Sports Program (NYSP) Sites
Certification that all children who will receive meals are enrolled participants in the NYSP. [§ 225.6(c)(2)(v)]N/A
Other Requirements for Sponsor Applications
Information in sufficient detail to enable the state agency to determine whether the applicant meets the criteria for participation as set forth in § 225.14. [§225.6(c)(2)(vi)]

[Note: Sponsors must meet all of the requirements of current §225.14, except for those provisions modified by this memorandum (§ 225.14(d)(1), (d)(4), (d)(5), and (d)(6)).]
The extent of program payments needed, including a request for advance payments and start-up payments, if applicable. [§ 225.6(c)(2)(vi)]The extent of program payments needed, including a request for advance payments and start-up payments, if applicable.
A staffing and monitoring plan. [§ 225.6(c)(2)(vi)]A staffing and monitoring plan.
A complete administrative and operating budget. [§ 225.6(c)(2)(vii)]A complete administrative and operating budget.
If an invitation for bid (IFB) is required under section 225.15(g), a plan for and synopsis of the IFB. [§ 225.6(c)(2)(viii)]Sponsors must submit a summary of the invitation for bid to their state agencies, and report any changes in the method for procuring meals.
For sponsors that seek to operate the program as units of local, municipal, county or state government, or as private nonprofit organizations, certification that they will have direct operational control over the program, as defined in § 225.14(d)(4). [§ 225.6(c)(2)(x)]N/A

Instead of having two applications—one for new sponsors and one for experienced sponsors—state agencies may wish to distribute “pre-printed” applications to their experienced sponsors. These pre-printed applications would contain information from the sponsor's previous year's application for those items listed above for which annual submission of information is not required, and blanks for sponsors to fill in with the remaining annual information. Sponsors would review the pre-printed information, and make changes as necessary. State agencies may also wish to have a signature page on which the sponsor certifies that it has updated the pre-printed information as necessary.

Please share this information with your state agencies.

Child Nutrition Division

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The contents of this guidance document do not have the force and effect of law and are not meant to bind the public in any way. This document is intended only to provide clarity to the public regarding existing requirements under the law or agency policies.