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Eligibility of Upward Bound Sites

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DATE: May 26, 2004
SUBJECT: Summer Food Service Program (SFSP): Eligibility of Upward Bound Sites
TO: Regional Directors
Special Nutrition Programs
All Regions

We are issuing policy that will allow states to consider the information contained in an Upward Bound participant’s application to be equivalent to that of the Summer Food Service Program meal application when making eligibility determinations to participant in the SFSP. This memorandum supercedes a similar one issued last year on March 20, 2003.

SFSP regulations, 7 CFR 225.15(f), Applications for Program Meals, state “Applications are not necessary if other information sources are available and can be used to determine eligibility of individual children in camps or sites.” The SFSP and Upward Bound program both have an income eligibility threshold of 185% of the national poverty guideline. (In addition, the Upward Bound program requires that a minimum of two thirds of its participants qualify as “low income” participants, which exceeds the 50% requirement of the SFSP.) We consider these conditions to satisfy the requirements of SFSP regulations with regard to available “information sources” that “can be used to determine eligibility of individual children in camps or sites.” Please refer to the attachment that provides detailed answers to questions regarding this topic.

If you have any questions, please contact our office.

Child Nutrition Division


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