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Summer EBT Benefit Issuance and Participation Reporting Q&As

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FM 04-2024, SEBT 04-2024
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Policy Memos
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DATE:June 13, 2024
MEMO CODE:FM 04-2024, SEBT 04-2024
SUBJECT:Summer EBT Benefit Issuance and Participation Reporting Questions and Answers
TO:Regional Directors
Grants Management and Administrative Services
Child Nutrition Programs
All Regions
State Agency and Indian Tribal Organization (ITO) Directors
Summer EBT Program
All States, Territories, and ITOs

This guidance provides questions and answers addressing the FY 2024 benefit issuance and participation reporting requirements for Summer EBT. The guidance is divided into three sections. The first section addresses the benefit issuance reporting requirements for Summer EBT. Within this section, there are specific instructions for Summer EBT agencies distributing SNAP-like, WIC-like, and NAP-like benefits. Special attention should be given to this section as the instructions for reporting benefit issuance will vary between benefit types. The second section in this guidance deals with reporting participation in the Summer EBT. The approach to participation reporting outlined in the second section of this guidance applies to all Summer EBT agencies. Finally, the third section provides special instructions for reporting Summer EBT benefits issuance and participation data when summer 2024 benefits are issued after Sept. 30, 2024 (i.e., in FY 2025).

Accurate and timely submission of Summer EBT benefit issuance and participation data will ensure that both Summer EBT agencies and FNS can oversee the program’s launch, create meaningful control points for future budget forecasts, facilitate proper grant management, and publish key data reports informing the public about the program’s reach. The questions and answers provided in this resource provide Summer EBT agencies with the information needed to begin the benefit issuance and participation reporting process for Summer EBT in FY 2024.

For FY 2024, FNS has created Summer EBT specific form versions of the FNS-388, FNS-46, and the SF-425, ensuring that Summer EBT program and financial data are not co-mingled with other program data and that the data can be analyzed and reported separately from other FNS program data.

Beyond FY 2024, FNS aims to develop Summer EBT program forms customized to meet the specific reporting needs of the program. The reporting process and data collected in FY 2024 will help inform future iterations of S-EBT reporting.

FNS is committed to providing timely support to all Summer EBT agencies issuing benefits to children in summer 2024 and beyond and remains steadfast in our appreciation for all the work performed by Summer EBT agencies to establish this critical nutrition assistance program.

Regional offices are reminded to distribute this information to state agencies immediately. State agencies should direct questions to the appropriate FNS regional office.

David Burr
Chief Financial Officer
Office of Financial Management
Melissa Rothstein
Associate Administrator
Child Nutrition Programs


Page updated: June 25, 2024