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Resource | Infographics USDA Office of Community Food Systems

A community food system is one in which food production, processing, distribution, and consumption are geographically integrated and benefit the environment, economy, and social and nutritional health of a particular community.

Resource | Webinars/Videos Community Food Systems in Native Communities - Engaging Students

his webinar, the last in the four-part series, will help you plan for farm to school educational efforts which engage students throughout the year.

Resource | Webinars/Videos Community Food Systems in Native Communities - Partnering for Success in Tribal Communities

In this webinar, the third in a four-part series, we’ll hear from Jim Stone, the Executive Director of the Intertribal Buffalo Council, and Venice Mason, Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, who will highlight successful partnerships they have cultivated in their communities.

Resource | Factsheets Office of Community Food Systems Resources

OCFS seeks to increase the availability of local foods in child nutrition programs, promote hands-on learning activities such as gardening, farm visits, and culinary classes, and encourage the integration of food related education into regular, standards-based curriculum to help children make lifelong healthy eating choices. 

Resource | Factsheets Effective Strategies States Can Use to Support Community Food Systems

This fact sheet presents effective strategies for supporting community food systems.

Basic page School Food System Transformation Challenge Sub-Grants

The sub-grants will support collaborative projects between school districts, food producers, suppliers, distributors, and/or community partners to stimulate the creation of a resilient, equitable, and nutritious school food system.

News Item FACT SHEET: USDA Support for Food Banks and the Emergency Food System

The administration is equipping emergency food providers with significant levels of investments so they can continue serving their communities well through ongoing and evolving challenges. These investments focus on additional food purchases, improving infrastructure, supporting health and nutrition, bolstering local food systems, and promoting access and equity to continue to drive toward a stronger tomorrow.

News Item USDA Announces Framework for Shoring Up the Food Supply Chain and Transforming the Food System to Be Fairer, More Competitive, More Resilient

Today, USDA is announcing details of a framework to transform the food system to benefit consumers, producers and rural communities by providing more options, increasing access, and creating new, more, and better markets for small and mid-size producers.

Page updated: October 08, 2018