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This section is designed to help you promote your School Breakfast Program. It includes fun ideas to make the program more appealing to students and parents, strategies for approaching your marketing plan, and adaptable resources such as flyers, letters, public service announcements (PSAs), newsletter inserts, newspaper articles, and information sheets.

Once you have analyzed your district or school's needs, gained key stakeholder support, and have put your breakfast expansion plan into action, it's time to promote your program! This is where marketing comes into play.

Marketing is more than just announcing “breakfast is served”. An effective marketing strategy promotes school breakfast as a tasty, convenient, smart choice, and targets the right audience with each message. This section will help you boost participation rates by raising awareness of the program's availability as a positive opportunity for students at school.

This section is divided into three parts:

Creating a Marketing Strategy: Ideas about how to approach your marketing campaign by defining your objective, targeting your audience, and creating your breakfast image.

Marketing Ideas: A comprehensive list of activities that you can use with students or parents to promote School Breakfast.

Marketing Resources: Customizable, print-ready materials that can be used in a marketing campaign. Materials include: inserts to post in school newsletters, flyers to send home, template letters to parents, and articles to put in a school or local newspaper. These materials are available in English as well as Spanish.

Page updated: January 03, 2023