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School Breakfast Program (SBP)

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Last Published: 01/25/2017

Initial Assessment

  .pdf .doc
Elementary Student Survey (No SBP) R-1 R-1
Elementary Student Survey (With SBP) R-2 R-2

Secondary Student Survey (No SBP)

R-3 R-3
Secondary Student Survey (With SBP) R-4 R-4
Parents Survey (No SBP) R-5 R-5
Parents Survey (With SBP) R-6 R-6
Administrator Survey (No SBP) R-7 R-7
Administrator Survey (With SBP) R-8 R-8
Statement of Need R-9 R-9
Cover Letter for Administrator Survey With Breakfast R-10 R-10
Cover Letter for Telephone Survey R-11 R-11
Telephone Survey R-12 R-12
Action Plan - Scheduling R-13 R-13
Action Plan - Food Service Concerns R-14 R-14
Action Plan - Participation and Money Concerns R-15 R-15
State Agency Actions R-15a R-15a

Calculating Costs

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Breakfast Profit/Loss Worksheet R-16 R-16
Revenue Per Reimbursable Breakfast R-17 R-17
Revenue Per Reimbursable Lunch R-18 R-18
Daily Revenue Breakfast R-19 R-19
Daily Revenue Lunch R-20 R-20
Compare Annual Expenses to Revenues R-21 R-21
Convert Annual Expenses to Average Daily Costs R-22 R-22
Calculate Break-Even Point R-23 R-23
Analyze Costs R-24 R-24

There's More Than One Way to Serve Breakfast

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Breakfast Method Fact Sheets R-25 R-25
Selected Breakfast Methods is ... R-26 R-26

There's More Than One Way to Service Breakfast 
(also available as a powerpoint presentation)

 R-27 R-27 (.ppt)

Roadmaps to Success

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Superintendent/Principal Handouts R-28 R-28
Physical Education Teacher/Coach Handouts R-29 R-29
Teacher Handouts R-30 R-30
Parent Handouts R-31 R-31
Food Service Handouts R-32 R-32
Student Handouts R-33 R-33
Parent Letter from Principal R-34 R-34
Superintendents Sample Proposal R-35 R-35
School Administrator Letter R-36 R-36
Proven Benefits - School Breakfast Studies R-37 R-37

Marketing Efforts

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What is your business? R-38 R-38
Public Service Announcements R-39 R-39
School Breakfast Press Release R-40 R-40
Start your day off right with breakfast flyer R-41 R-41
Grab 'n Go Poster R-42 R-42
Grab 'n Go Bookmark R-43 R-43
Monthly Newsletter Inserts R-44 R-44
Article for School Newsletter R-45 R-45
General Audience Brochure     (4.5 mb / 8.8 mb ) R-46 R-46
Success Stories Brochure     (4.2 mb / 794 kb) R-47 R-47
Food Service Staff Brochure     (3.3 mb / 433 kb) R-48 R-48
Parent Brochure      (3.6 mb / 7.9 mb) R-49 R-49
Teacher Flyer     (1.2 mb / 277 kb) R-50 R-50
Student Flyer      (1.3 mb / 294 kb) R-51 R-51
Student Pencil Flyer      (1.3 mb / 496 kb) R-52 R-52

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