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Retailer Eligibility-Accessory Foods in Store Eligibility Determinations

Last Published: 01/19/2018

This memorandum clarifies policy related to implementation of the final rule, “Enhancing Retailer Standards in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP),” which amended the definition of “staple food” in SNAP regulations, at 7 CFR § 271.2. Specifically, this memorandum clarifies foods considered “accessory foods,” which do not count as staple foods for purposes of determining the eligibility of any firm. This provision realigns the definition of “accessory food items” with statutory intent, defining “accessory food items” to include snacks, desserts, and foods that complement or supplement meals.

For more information about staple foods and staple food inventory or sales requirements under Criterion A or B, please see RPMD Policy Memorandum 2018-04. Heated and prepared foods, which, like accessory foods, may not count as staple foods in store eligibility determinations, are clarified in RPMD Policy Memorandum 2017-02.

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