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Resource | Policy Memos | FNS-GD-1982-0003 Retroactivity of Agreements for the Child Care Food Program

A state agency may make payment for meals served in accordance with provisions of the program in the calendar month preceding the calendar month in which the agreement is executed. This provision applies only to center programs and to home programs which are renewing their agreements. The agreements of new home sponsoring organizations may not be backdated.

SNP 788-10
Resource | Guidance Documents | FNS-GD-1982-0002 Reimbursement for Meals Provided by Parents in the Child Care Food Program

This Instruction clarifies the FNS policy regarding the reimbursement of meals and milk served on weekends through the National School Lunch Program, the Commodity School Program, the School Breakfast Program, and the Special Milk Program. 

Resource | Legislation Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1982

Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1982 (PL 97-253, 96 Stat. 763-807 - Sept. 8, 1982)

Resource | Policy Memos | FNS-GD-1982-0001 Telephone Fair Hearings

This policy memo clarifies the use of telephone fair hearings.

Index No.: 82-14 - REG. REF: 273.15
Resource | Legislation Food Stamp and Commodity Distribution Amendments of 1981

Food Stamp and Commodity Distribution Amendments of 1981
PL 97-98, 95 Stat. 1213-1358 - Dec. 22, 1981

Resource | Legislation Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1981

Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1981
PL 97-35, 95 Stat. 357-933 - Aug. 13, 1981

Resource | Guidance Documents Purchase of Medical Equipment (SNP)

FNS Instruction 815-1 Purchase of Medical Equipment 

FNS Instruction 815-1
Resource | Policy Memos Food Stamp Program SUA Requirements and Methodologies

This notice reminds state agencies of the requirements of the Food Stamp Program regulations and suggests guidelines for development of standard utility and/or telephone allowances by presenting examples of some of the methodologies used by states to develop these allowances.

FNS Notice 79-47
Resource | Guidance Documents | FNS-GD-1973-0001 Use of School Feeding Facilities For The Elderly and Other Community Feeding Programs

This Instruction clarifies the Department's policy regarding the use of school feeding facilities as community resources for such activities as feeding programs for the elderly, and provides information on the nutrition program for the elderly authorized by PL 92-258.

Resource | Guidance Documents | FNS-GD-1972-0001 Amounts and Use of Nonfat Dry Milk, Whole Dry Milk, and Canned Evaporated Milk Equivalent to One-Half Pint of Fluid Whole Milk

This Instruction prescribes the amounts and use of nonfat dry milk, whole dry milk, and canned evaporated milk which are equivalent to one-half pint of fluid whole milk. These equivalents are to be used in schools approved for the service of lunches without milk.

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