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Maintaining Integrity in School Meals Served Outside the Cafeteria

The tip sheet provides a list of suggested practices that program operators may adopt to assist with proper meal counting and claiming when meals are served in alternative locations.

Resource | Technical Assistance & Guidance

SNAP Retailer Reminder - Allowable Items

Retailer important reminder: only accept SNAP benefits for allowable items.

Resource | Technical Assistance & Guidance

SNAP Retailer Reminder - Trafficking

Retailer Important Reminder:
SNAP customers must use their SNAP EBT benefits to buy SNAP eligible foods or drinks.

Resource | Policy Memos

Collection of Race and Ethnicity Data by Visual Observation and Identification

This memorandum states visual observation and identification by Child and Adult Food Care Program institutions and facilities and Summer Food Service Program sponsors is no longer an allowable practice for program operators to use during the collection of race or ethnicity data.  USDA will update CACFP and SFSP policy guidance.

CACFP 11-2021, SFSP 07-2021
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FNS-101: Program Integrity

Stewardship of federal funds is a basic expectation of American taxpayers and is critical to the ongoing success of nutrition assistance programs. FNS continuously works to detect, prevent, and minimize errors and improper payments, as well as fraud, waste, or abuse. In this way, FNS preserves public trust, enhances partner relationships, and provides excellent customer service to program participants.

Resource | Policy Memos | FNS-GD-2021-0004

Participant Requests to Share WIC Records with Private Physicians or other Private Health Care Providers

FNS has received questions about participant information sharing between WIC clinics and private health care providers. This memorandum sets forth the applicable requirements in WIC regulations that allow participant information to be shared.

Resource | Policy Memos | FNS-GD-2020-0122

Compliance - Business Integrity

Section 9 of the Food and Nutrition Act provides the Secretary with the authority to consider the business integrity and reputation of retailers who apply or are currently authorized to redeem Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits when determining the retailers’ qualifications to participate in SNAP.

SNAP 2020-12
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SNAP Payment Error Rates - FY 2019

The Department set the QC tolerance threshold at $37 for fiscal year (FY) 2014 and adjusts the threshold each year following Section 3(u)(4) of the Food and Nutrition Act of 2008, as amended. For FY 2019, the tolerance threshold is $37.

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Summer Meals Program Streamlining & Integrity

In January 2020, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) will publish in the Federal Register a proposed rule entitled “Streamlining Program Requirements and Improving Integrity in the Summer Food Service Program” to improve program efficiency while allowing local operators to spend more time focused on serving children.

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Comment Request - SNAP Trafficking Controls and Fraud Investigations

In accordance with the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995, this notice invites the general public and other public agencies to comment on this proposed information collection. This is a revision of a currently approved collection codified in Food and Nutrition Service regulations.