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Status of Infant Formula Recall - Related Waivers

Status of infant formula recall-related waivers for WIC states and tribes.

Basic page

Training Grant Annual Award Levels

Summary of funds awarded for the Team Nutrition Training Grant each fiscal year.

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FY 2022 Team Nutrition Training Grant Recipients

FY 2022 Team Nutrition Training Grant recipients announced. Over $7 million awarded to eight state agencies. 

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WBSCM References

References for user roles, status codes, material codes and reports, and business partners and relationships are provided to understand how WBSCM data connects with business operations.

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P-EBT State Plan Template - Summer 2022

This document is a template to assist states in the development of an amendment to extend their approved state plan to operate pandemic EBT for school children and for children in child care during summer 2022. 

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Comment Request - Food Program Reporting System (FNS-583 and FNS-366B)

FNS is consolidating certain programmatic and financial data reporting requirements under the Food Programs Reporting System, an electronic reporting system. The purpose is to give state agencies and Indian Tribal Organization  agencies one portal for the various reporting required for the programs.

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Operating P-EBT During a Covered Summer Period - Q&As

This document provides information to states to assist in the development of state plans to operate P-EBT for school children and children in child care during a covered summer period.

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Pandemic EBT - Summer 2022

FNS is releasing new guidance to assist states in the development of P-EBT plans for the summer of 2022.

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Information Collection: Special Milk Program for Children

This collection is an extension without change of a currently approved collection which FNS employs to determine public participation in the SMP.

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Information Collection: Generic Clearance for the Development of Nutrition Education Messages and Products for the General Public

This notice announces CNPP's intention to request OMB's approval of the information collection processes and instruments to be used during consumer research while testing nutrition education messages and products developed for the general public.