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Resource | Final Rule Final Rule: FSP Civil Rights Data Collection

This rule implements the revised collection and reporting of racial/ethnic data by state agencies on persons receiving benefits from the Food Stamp Program.

Resource | Final Rule Final Rule: FSP Reauthorization -EBT and Retail Food Stores Provisions of the Food Stamp Reauthorization Act of 2002

This final rule revises Food Stamp Program regulations pertaining to the standards for approval of Electronic Benefits Transfer systems, the participation of retail food stores and wholesale food concerns, and the state agency liabilities and Federal sanctions.

Resource | Final Rule Final Rule: Department of Agriculture Civil Monetary Penalties Adjustment

In accordance with the federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act of 1990, as amended, this final rule adjusts civil monetary penalties imposed by agencies within USDA to incorporate an inflation adjustment.

Resource | Final Rule Interim and Final Rule: FSP Regulatory Review - Standards for Approval and Operation of Food Stamp Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Systems

This action provides interim and final rulemaking for a proposed rule. It revises Food Stamp Program rules affecting the standards for approval and operation of Food Stamp Electronic Benefit Transfer systems.

Resource | Final Rule Final rule: FSP High Performance Bonuses

This rule finalizes amendments to the Food Stamp Program to award bonuses to states that demonstrate high or improved performance in administering the FSP.

Resource | Final Rule Final Rule: FSP Vehicle and Maximum Excess Shelter Expense Deduction Provisions of PL 106-387

This rule allows state agencies the option to use their Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program vehicle allowance rules rather than the vehicle rules ordinarily used in the Food Stamp Program where doing so will result in a lower attribution of resources to food stamp households.

Resource | Final Rule Final Rule: FSP Administrative Review Requirements-Food Retailers and Wholesalers

This action revises Food Stamp Program regulations affecting the administrative review process available to retail and wholesale firms participating in the Food Stamp Program.

Resource | Final Rule Final Rule: Food Stamp Program Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Systems Interoperability and Portability

This rule finalizes revisions to the Food Stamp Program regulations to ensure that recipients can use their electronic food stamp benefits across state borders.

Resource | Final Rule Final Rule: FSP Anticipating Income and Reporting Changes

This rule revises the current requirement that households report a change of more than $25 in monthly gross income by increasing the reporting threshold for unearned income to $50 and by allowing state agencies two options for reporting requirements for changes in the amount of earned income.

Resource | Final Rule Final Rule: FSP Work Provisions of the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 and Food Stamp Provisions of the Balanced Budget Act of 1997

This rule finalizes food stamp provisions to enhance state flexibility in exempting portions of a state agency's caseload from the food stamp time limit and to increase significantly the funding available to create work opportunities for recipients who are subject to the time limit, as well as finalizing significant changes to current work rules. 

Page updated: October 14, 2021