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Changes to SNAP Benefit Amounts - 2023

There are several changes that may affect SNAP household’s benefit amounts over the coming months. The temporary boost to SNAP benefits put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic, known as emergency allotments, will end nationwide after the February 2023 issuance. In addition, households that receive SNAP and Social Security benefits will see a decrease in their SNAP benefits because of the significant cost of living increase to Social Security benefits that took effect on January 1.

Resource | Policy Memos | FNS-GD-2020-0109

State Guidance on Coronavirus P-EBT

USDA is committed to providing nutrition assistance to hard-hit families across the country due to the coronavirus pandemic. In support of President Biden’s call to action on hunger, USDA announced that it is increasing the Pandemic EBT benefit by approximately 15 percent, providing more money for low-income families and millions of children missing meals due to school and child care closures.

Resource | FAQs/Q&As

Q&As FDPIR Self-Determination Demonstration Project Round 2

A document with questions and answers regarding the FDPIR Self-Determination Demonstration Project round two funds.

Resource | FAQs/Q&As | FNS-GD-2019-0011

Summer Food for Children Demonstrations - FAQs

The Summer Food for Children Demonstrations are a series of projects to develop and test methods of providing access to food for low-income children in urban and rural areas during the summer months when schools are not in regular session.

Resource | FAQs/Q&As

WIC Food Packages Proposed Revisions Q&As

FNS is recommending science-based updates to the food provided to WIC participants to best meet their nutritional needs and foster healthy growth and development.

Resource | FAQs/Q&As

USDA Farm to School Grant Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about the Farm to School Grant

Resource | FAQs/Q&As | FNS-GD-2007-0022

Questions and Answers on Alternate Protein Products

The term "Alternate Protein Product" is the name used by FNS to identify products meeting requirements set forth in Appendix A of the NSLP, SBP, SFSP, and the CACFP within the section entitled Alternate Protein Products.

Resource | Technical Assistance & Guidance

GS1 GDSN and the USDA Foods Database FAQs

These questions and answers provide more information about the USDA Foods Database.

Resource | Technical Assistance & Guidance

Transitioning to Standard Operations in the Child Nutrition Programs and the Keep Kids Fed Act of 2022: Follow-Up Questions and Answers from Webinars

On July 7, 2022, the FNS hosted a webinar with the National CACFP Sponsors Association, along with other national allies to discuss the child nutrition program operations for summer 2022. Questions and answers are provided based on the nationwide waiver flexibilities issued through the Keep Kids Fed Act of 2022.

Resource | FAQs/Q&As | FNS-GD-2020-0135

Online Purchasing for Retailers – Technical Questions and Answers

All retailers, including internet retailers, must abide by the FNS retailer stocking requirements in order to be authorized. In addition, SNAP-eligible retailers who want to add online shopping to their ecommerce platform must meet online purchasing requirements. If you have additional questions, please see the following technical assistance questions and answers.