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Food Stamp Program - Technical Amendments Concerning Disabled in Group Homes and Income Exclusion for Plans for Achieving Self-Support

This final rule expands the food stamp eligibility of certain blind and disabled individuals residing in group homes and excludes income of an SSI recipient necessary for the fulfillment of a Plan for Achieving Self Support (PASS).

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Proposed Rule: FSP Distribution of Employment and Training Performance-Based Funds

This rule proposes to freeze the performance-based grants at the level the state agencies received in fiscal year 1993, for two years from promulgation of this rule in final form.

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Public Notification That Three Carbonated Juice Drink Products Are Now Excluded From the "Soda Water'' Category of "Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value''

This notice serves to inform the public that Knudson and Sons, Inc., the manufacturer of ``Jamaican Style Lemonade Spritzer,'' "Orange Passionfruit Spritzer,'' and "Orange Spritzer,'' has petitioned FNS to exempt these products from the "Categories of Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value'' under the National School Lunch and the School Breakfast programs.