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Resource | Factsheets Storing Fresh Produce

Learn how to properly store produce in a walk-in refrigerator. 

Resource | Factsheets The Food Safety Modernization Act and the Produce Safety Rule

This factsheet provides information on "Standards for the Growing, Harvesting, Packing, and Holding of Produce for Human Consumption.".

Resource | Factsheets An Overview of Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs)

This fact sheet provides information on Good Agricultural Practices, recognized practices intended to prevent the microbial contamination of fresh produce, and how these practices apply to purchasing and growing local food products for farm to school activities. 

Resource | Factsheets Food Safety Information and Resources for the Farm to School Community

This fact sheet outlines a number of additional resources for those seeking to directly purchase or raise food products for school nutrition programs.

Resource | Factsheets Food Safety Frequently Asked Questions

"Food Safety Frequently Asked Questions: The Food Safety Modernization Act and its Impact on Farm to School Activities": This document includes common questions related to food safety when purchasing locally grown and raised food products directly from producers as well as food safety considerations for edible campus gardens.

Resource | Factsheets USDA Foods General Recommendations: Handwashing, Cleaning, and Disinfecting for Household Program Operators

These handouts provide general recommendations on handwashing, cleaning, and disinfecting, to operators of USDA Foods household programs including CSFP, TEFAP, and FDPIR. 

Resource | Technical Assistance & Guidance Best Practices to Safely Handle and Store USDA Foods at Home

A set of three handouts on best practices to help you safely handle and store USDA foods at home.

Page updated: October 14, 2021