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Resource | Research, Analysis & Background | General/Other Food Safety Research: Farm to School

FNS advances food safety education and practices in federal nutrition assistance programs through research conducted by the Center for Food Safety in Child Nutrition Programs (the Center). To better understand food safety concerns associated with fresh produce and farm to school activities, the Center conducted a study.

Resource | Research Analyses of the Contributing Factors Associated With Foodborne Outbreaks in School Settings (2000–2010)

The purpose of the authors’ study was to examine the role of contributing factors in school foodborne outbreaks. Contamination factors accounted for the greatest proportion (49.2%) of outbreaks involving some level of food handling interaction by a school food service worker, followed by proliferation (34.9%) and survival factors (15.9%). Over 56% of all illnesses were associated with norovirus and food service worker practices.

Resource | Data School Associated Foodborne Outbreak Data

School Associated Foodborne Outbreak Data

Resource | Research Analyses of Electronic Foodborne Outbreak Reporting System (eFORS)

The purpose of the descriptive retrospective study discussed in this article was to analyze data collected within the Electronic Foodborne Outbreak Reporting System (eFORS) in school settings in order to examine the magnitude of foodborne disease etiologies and to recommend strategies for prevention.

Page updated: October 14, 2021