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Resource | Grants Method II ART Grant Summaries
Resource | Grants Direct Certification Improvement Grant Summaries

Grant Summaries

Resource | Grants School Wellness Policy Cooperative Agreement

This competitive cooperative agreement solicits applications for a national-level surveillance system that will address the most important gaps in the coverage of the existing government-funded national school wellness policy surveillance systems.

Resource | Grants FNS FY 2006 Request for Administrative Reviews and Training Funds

The Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act of 2004 authorizes FNS to award $4,000,000 beginning in FY 2005 and for each of the following fiscal years through FY 2009, to state agencies for administrative reviews and training of selected local educational agencies.

Resource | Grants Supplemental Form: Free and Reduced Price Meal Participation Planning Grants

Supplemental Form: Free and Reduced Price Meal Participation Planning Grants

Resource | Grants Letter to Gregory Walton, FNS Grants Officer

This letter serves to inform you of our intent to submit a farm to school planning grant application.

Resource | Grants ART Grant Guidance

The purpose of the Administrative Reviews and Training (ART) Grants Program Proposal Response Guidance is to increase the consistency and understanding of program planning prior to grant award.

Page updated: October 14, 2021