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Resource | Policy Memos WIC Policy Memorandum #2024-3: Implementing ABFA Requirements in WIC State Plans

Effective with the publication of the WIC Final Rule: Implementation of the Access to Baby Formula Act of 2022 and Related Provisions on Dec. 14, 2023, state agencies are now required to include a plan of alternate operating procedures, commonly referred to as a disaster plan, as part of their state plan.

WIC WPM 2024-3
Resource | Policy WIC MIS EBT Process Memo

This memorandum replaces the WIC Informational Memorandum dated Aug. 10, 2022. In particular, the USDA FNS State Systems Office (SSO) has revised the section titled Threshold for FNS Review of EBT Projects after Statewide EBT. Handbook 901 will be updated to reflect this revised guidance.

Resource | Policy WPM 2024-2: Vendor Cost Containment Certification Clarification for the Initial Authorization of Above-50-Percent Vendors

This policy memorandum provides clarification to WIC state agencies on the initial authorization of vendors that derive more than 50 percent of their annual food sales revenue from WIC (above-50-percent or A50 vendors) as well as information on the requirements for A50 vendors following authorization. 

WPM 2024-2
Resource | Policy Memos WIC and FMNP: Available Expedited ARPA Waivers and Request Process

This letter provides information to WIC state agencies and WIC Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program state agencies on available American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 waivers and a new state agency request process.

Resource | Policy WIC Policy Memo #2024-1: FY 2024 Cash-Value Voucher/Benefit Amounts

This memorandum provides the fiscal year 2024 inflation adjusted monthly cash-value voucher/benefit amounts for fruit and vegetable purchases in WIC, effective Oct. 1, 2023.

Resource | Policy Memos Oversight of Infant Formula Purchase Requirements in WIC

FNS is communicating the following guidance to remind WIC state agencies and WIC authorized vendors of our ongoing commitment to ensure the safety of infant formula purchased in the WIC program, and to prevent stolen infant formula from being purchased with WIC benefits.

Resource | Policy Memos WIC Civil Monetary Penalty Inflation Adjustments for 2023

This policy memorandum transmits the WIC Civil Monetary Penalty Inflation Adjustments for 2023.

WPM 2023-7
Resource | Policy Memos WIC Policy Memo #2023-6: Streamlining Certification Documentation Guidance

This policy memorandum provides guidance to improve outreach and streamline certification in WIC. It outlines current flexibilities and new policy for certification documentation options and aims to reduce WIC staff and participant burden.

WPM 2023-6
Resource | Policy WIC Policy Memorandum #2023-5: Data Sharing to Improve Outreach and Streamline Certification in WIC

This policy memorandum provides guidance on data sharing activities that support targeted outreach and streamlined certification processes aimed at increasing WIC participation and retention. It expresses USDA FNS support of data sharing, provides an overview of data sharing relevant to WIC, summarizes WIC program guidance on sharing confidential WIC participant data, and lays the groundwork for future guidance and resources to help WIC state agencies expand outreach and streamline the
certification process.

WPM 2023-5
Resource | Policy Memos WIC Publication of the 2023-2024 Income Eligibility Guidelines

This policy memorandum transmits the 2023-24 Income Eligibility Guidelines for the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children.

WPM 2023-4
Page updated: October 14, 2021