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Resource | Technical Assistance & Guidance Questions and Answers about the WIC AFBA Final Rule with Request for Comments

In July of 2022, the Access to Baby Formula Act of 2022 was signed into law. This rule implements the provisions of ABFA and several other related changes to strengthen WIC’s ability to address certain disasters, emergencies, and supply chain disruptions, particularly those impacting infant formula.

Resource | Technical Assistance & Guidance WIC Eligibility Requirements to Bid on State Agency Infant Formula Contracts

This page includes information for vendors who may be interested in bidding on open infant formula state agency rebate contracts. Information on guidance and regulations is included, as well as any contracts open for bids. 

Resource | Technical Assistance WIC EBT Activities

WIC EBT activities

Resource | Technical Assistance WIC MIS – EBT Universal Interface

This document standardizes the functional requirements for the Universal Interface between the WIC Management Information Systems and the WIC EBT systems used in the WIC nutrition program.

Resource | Technical Assistance & Guidance Letter to State Health Commissioner Regarding Infant Formula

USDA letter to State Health Commissioners whose WIC state agency holds an infant formula rebate contract with either Mead Johnson-Reckitt or Nestle Gerber.

Resource | Technical Assistance & Guidance Letter to State Directors Regarding Infant Formula

Letter to reiterate the flexibilities that USDA has made available to all WIC state agencies and to urge all states to take additional action to make it easier for families to get the formula they need.

Resource | Technical Assistance Task Force on Supplemental Food Delivery in the WIC Program - Recommendations Report

This final Task Force report includes comprehensive recommendations to USDA on next steps to advance WIC innovations associated with modern transaction models and participant redemption of supplemental foods.

Resource | Guidance Documents | FNS-GD-2021-0074 WIC Certification and Eligibility Resource and Best Practices Guide

The WIC Certification and Eligibility Resource and Best Practices Guide  is a compilation of existing regulations and best practices that WIC state and local agencies may choose to use when determining eligibility for the program.  This simple, 10-page document walks WIC personnel through the certification process.

Resource | Technical Assistance Guidance

Below Documents and Page links that provide WIC Guidance.

Resource | Technical Assistance WIC MIS Integrity Review Tool

The WIC Post-Implementation Review Tool consists of two parts: the review tool itself and a functional area spreadsheet.  

Page updated: October 14, 2021