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Vendor Management and Food Delivery Handbook

The WIC Vendor Management and Food Delivery Handbook was developed by FNS to serve as a resource manual for state and federal staff who operate and oversee the WIC Program. The handbook is a comprehensive summary of regulations, policy, and guidance related to WIC Vendor Management and Food Delivery. It does not replace or supersede federal regulations or policies that govern the WIC Program.

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Guide to Coordinating WIC Services During Disaster

This guidance contains information to help WIC State agencies plan for meeting the needs of WIC participants and potential, newly-eligible WIC applicants prior to and during a disaster response. It can also be used to plan for continued WIC operations during emergencies or other situations of distress. The information is designed to assist Headquarters and Regional Office staff, as well as WIC State and local agency staff in their development of an executable WIC disaster plan.

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WIC Coordination Strategies Handbook