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Resource | Fact Sheets Child Nutrition Programs During Disaster

Natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods, can be devastating to communities and require a quick response. Schools, child care centers, and summer sites that operate the National School Lunch and School Breakfast programs, the Child and Adult Care Food Program, or the Summer Food Service Program can help minimize disruptions to your family.

Resource | Technical Assistance & Guidance Summer Feeding Requirements - Summer 2022 Comparison Table

FNS is offering this comparison table to assist state agencies and program operators as they transition from operations under COVID-19 nationwide waivers to operations designed around their own unique circumstances.

Resource | Fact Sheets FNS-101: Summer Food Service Program

The Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) is a federally funded, State-administered program that reimburses providers who serve free, nutritious meals to children and teens in low-income areas when school is not in session.

Resource | Fact Sheets Off-site Monitoring Fact Sheets for Child Nutrition Programs

FNS issued eight child nutrition programs off-site monitoring fact sheets to assist states and sponsors in conducting off-site monitoring of child nutrition programs during the pandemic. These documents include a fact sheet that has background information on all programs, as well as separate facts sheets for state and local operators for each program.

Resource | Fact Sheets Summer Meals Program Streamlining & Integrity

In January 2020, the USDA FNS will publish in the Federal Register a proposed rule entitled “Streamlining Program Requirements and Improving Integrity in the Summer Food Service Program” to improve program efficiency while allowing local operators to spend more time focused on serving children.

Resource | Fact Sheets Accurate Meal Counting and Claiming in SFSP

This fact sheets was designed to help summer sponsors and site supervisors easily comply with program requirements.

Resource | Fact Sheets Do's and Don'ts for Site Supervisors

This fact sheets was designed to help summer sponsors and site supervisors easily comply with program requirements.

Resource | Fact Sheets Como Participar en Comidas de Verano

El Programa de Servicio de Alimentos de Verano (SFSP) del Departamento de Agricultura de los Estados Unidos, también conocido como el Programa de Verano, brinda a los niños y adolescentes en las áreas de bajos ingresos, comidas gratis cuando no hay escuela. 

Resource | Fact Sheets How to Participate in Summer Meals

This fact sheet (in English or Spanish) provides information about how SFSP works and what you can do to participate in summer meals.

Resource | Fact Sheets Farm to Summer Factsheet

This factsheet highlights why summer meals are ripe for local foods and agriculture-based activities. 

Page updated: October 14, 2021