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Resource | Guidance Documents | FNS-GD-2018-0021

2018 Nutrition Guide

Summer sites play a valuable role in helping children learn, grow, and stay healthy. Check out the SFSP Nutrition Guide to learn how you plan and serve menus with a variety of nutrient-rich foods and beverages, and operate a safe and successful food service. 

Resource | Guidance Documents | FNS-GD-2016-0029

2016 Administrative Guidance for Sponsors

USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) administers the SFSP at the national and regional levels. Within each state, the Program is administered by the state department of education or an alternate state-designated agency. Locally, public or private non-profit organizations that want to “sponsor” the Program apply and are approved by the state agency to operate the Program.

Resource | Guidance Documents | FNS-GD-2013-0045

The Summer Food Service Program Food That’s In When School is Out!

Resource | Guidance Documents | FNS-GD-2013-0044

2016 Monitor's Guide

This guidance is designed to give you, as a monitor for a Program sponsor, a working knowledge of the SFSP, and your duties and responsibilities as the sponsor's representative.

Resource | Guidance Documents | FNS-GD-2013-0043

A Guide To Starting The Summer Food Service Program In Your Community

Resource | Guidance Documents | FNS-GD-2013-0024

Stomach Bug Book

Resource | Guidance Documents | FNS-GD-2012-0074

2016 Nutrition Guidance for Sponsors

The Summer Food Service Program for Children: 2016 Nutrition Guide for Sponsors was developed to help sponsors plan and serve menus with a variety of foods and beverages rich in nutrients, and operate a safe and successful food service. This guide offers menu planning and nutrition guidance along with sample breakfast, lunch, and snack menus. Also included are food service record-keeping requirements, food buying and storage information, and food safety and sanitation guidance.