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Food Stamp Participants' Access to Food Retailers

In this report, data from the NFSPS are used to address several important questions concerning food store access of low-income households, including: (1) At what kinds of stores do low-income households shop? (2) What distances do low-income households travel to reach those stores? (3) What transportation methods do they use to reach their food stores? (4) Do low-income households engage in careful shopping behaviors that can allow them to get the most out of the money and food stamp benefits they spend on food? and (5) In general, how satisfied are low-income Americans with their shopping opportunities?

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Food Stamp Participants' Food Security and Nutrient Avalability

One of the main objectives of the survey was to examine the food security of FSP participants, in terms of the adequacy of the food available to them and their risk of hunger. The study also examined the amount of nutrients FSP participants used from home food supplies.

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Customer Service in the Food Stamp Program

In this report, data from the NFSPS are used to address three important areas of interest to FNS that relate to the quality of FSP customer service: (1) the monetary and nonmonetary costs of participating, (2) client satisfaction with services provided, and (3) the accessibility of the FSP to eligible households.