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USDA Food Plans: Cost of Food Reports (2004 reports)

The Food Plans represent a nutritious diet at four different cost levels. The nutritional bases of the Food Plans are the 1997-2005 Dietary Reference Intakes, 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, and 2005 MyPyramid food intake recommendations. In addition to cost, differences among plans are in specific foods and quantities of foods. Another basis of the Food Plans is that all meals and snacks are prepared at home. For specific foods and quantities of foods in the Food Plans, see Thrifty Food Plan, 2006 (2007) and The Low-Cost, Moderate-Cost, and Liberal Food Plans, 2007 (2007). All four Food Plans are based on 2001-02 data and updated to current dollars by using the Consumer Price Index for specific food items.

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Nutrient Content of the U.S. Food Supply, 1909-2000

Nutrient Content  of the U.S. Food Supply, 1909-2000

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Backgrounder for Revision of the Food Guidance System

USDA’s current food guidance system that includes the Food Guide Pyramid is being reassessed. The overall purpose of the reassessment is to ensure that the food guidance system reflects the latest nutritional science and to improve the educational tools that assist consumers in making healthier food choices. USDA expects to release the new food guidance system in early 2005.

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USDA Calls for Public Comment on Revision of the Food Guidance System

Agriculture Secretary Ann M. Veneman today announced that USDA will seek written comments and hold a public meeting to provide opportunity for public input into its comprehensive review and update of the Food Guidance System.