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Resource | Technical Assistance SNAP System Integrity Review Tool

The System Integrity Review Tool is a valuable instrument for both state agency and federal SNAP staff to evaluate whether a system meets SNAP functional requirements.

Resource | Technical Assistance CAM Toolkit

The CAM Toolkit was made available to federal, state, and local agencies through collaboration among the US Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families and Office of Child Support Enforcement, FNS, and representatives from the States of Kansas and Texas. 

Resource | Technical Assistance EBT Re-procurement - Lessons Learned & Best Practices

FNS performed an inventory of EBT procurements and conducted a few interviews with some States and EBT processors.  As a results, we developed a technical assistance document with lessons learned and best practices on EBT re-procurements.  

Resource | Technical Assistance CAM Tool Examples

There are four different types of CAM Tool (MS - Excel) examples that are available to assist the user.

Resource | Technical Assistance CAM Tool (Excel)

The Cost Allocation Methodologies (CAM) provides a consistent, objective cost allocation process for identifying all federal and state benefiting programs and calculating an equitable distribution of software development costs among those benefiting programs. A series of worksheets walks the use through the cost allocation process.

Resource | Technical Assistance CAM Tool User Guide

CAM Tool User Guide - supplements the on-screen help available in the CAM-Tool, itself.  It contains step-by-step procedures and screen displays to illustrate how to capture and analyze the data needed to produce equitable distributions of software development costs to federal and state benefiting programs.

Resource | Technical Assistance WIC MIS Integrity Review Tool

The WIC Post-Implementation Review Tool consists of two parts: the review tool itself and a functional area spreadsheet.  

Resource | Technical Assistance Functional Requirements Documents (FReD) for a Model WIC System

Information Systems in WIC support a number of program operations and management functions, such as certifying applicants, monitoring food vendors, tracking participation and expenditures and managing appointments.  The Functional Requirements Document for a Model WIC System (FRED) provides a comprehensive description of functions that can be automated to support the WIC program.

Resource | Technical Assistance Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) System Transition Guide

The Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) has developed the Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) System Transition Guide to provide guidance, recommendations, best practices, and lessons learned to States involved in an EBT system transition.  

Resource | Technical Assistance 2002 WIC Cost Allocation Guide

This guide describes methods for assigning costs to a state or local agency's WIC Program grant or sub-grant.

Page updated: October 14, 2021