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Procurement Q&As to Assist in the Implementation of the Final Rule: Nutrition Standards in the NSLP and SBP

Following the Jan. 26, 2012, issuance of the final rule titled Nutrition Standards in the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs, several questions have been raised regarding its effect on current contracts between school food authorities and food service management companies.

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Q&As on the Paid Lunch Price Report

This memorandum responds to questions we received about the School Food Authority Paid Lunch Price Report (FNS-828). This memorandum provides the e-mail address to send the reports and extends the due date for state agencies because of the delay in obtaining an on-line mailbox.

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Q&As Related to the 6 Cents Certification Tool

Attached are revised questions and answers related to the Food and Nutrition Service prototype 6 Cents Certification Tool.

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The At-Risk Afterschool Meals Component of the CACFP

This memorandum is follow-up to that guidance and consolidates and updates our previous guidance relating to the at-risk afterschool meals component of CACFP.

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The At-Risk Afterschool Meals Component of the CACFP - Questions and Answers

The At-Risk Afterschool Meals Component of the Child and Adult Care Food Program, Questions and Answers

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Procurement Geographic Preference Q&As – Part II

The purpose of this memorandum is to address recent inquiries on the application of the geographic preference option in the procurement of unprocessed locally grown or raised agricultural products.

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