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Farm to School Grantee Webinar: Modifying Your Grant

Grant Modification: an FY 2020 reporting webinar

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Farm to School: Freshfarm Food Prints

Freshfarm Food Prints - Short version

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2020 Farm to School Grantee Progress Report

This webinar is the 2020 Farm to School Grantee Progress Report Webinar, recorded on Oct. 1, 2020. This webinar is intended for 2020 Farm to School Grantees and USDA OCFS staff explain the process for submitting Farm to School Grant Progress reports.

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FY2020 Farm to School Grant Baseline Webinar

Part one of a two part webinar for 2020 Farm to School Grantees on how to report and transmit both baseline information and semi-annual progress reports required for the Farm to School Grants. Both parts were recorded live via WebEx on Oct. 1, 2020.

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Trends in Successful USDA Farm to School Grant Applications

During the first round of the USDA Farm to School grant program, hundreds of applicants across the country competed for a limited amount of funding.