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Frequently Asked Questions on the Development of the Communications Elements for the MyPyramid Food Guidance System

The primary communications goal was to encourage improved dietary and physical activity behavior among American consumers. Although most consumers recognized the original pyramid, only a small percentage of them followed it in its entirety.

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Conducting a Five-Day Reconciliation in Centers Participating in the CACFP

This memorandum has been superseded by  CACFP 10-2018: Conducting Five-Day Reconciliation in the Child and Adult Care Food Program, with Questions and Answers. The purpose of this memorandum is to provide guidance regarding the conduct of five-day reconciliations in centers participating in the CACFP.

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Questions & Answers on Evacuees

This guidance applies to the Expanded Disaster Evacuee Policy (Sept. 2, 2005, as modified on Sept. 14, 2005).

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Questions and Answers on the Simplified Summer Food Program For SFSP State agencies and FNS Regional Offices

Questions and Answers on the Simplified Summer Food Program