Resource | Guidance Documents | FNS-GD-2010-0049
Claims For Losses of Donated Foods and Related Administrative Losses - Procedures for the State Distributing Agency

The purpose of this instruction is to establish the general standards and procedures that the state distributing agency must follow in order to ensure that restitution is made for the loss of donated foods, or for the loss or improper use of funds provided for, or accruing from, the distribution of donated foods.

FNS Instruction 410-1 Rev. 2
Resource | Guidance Documents | FNS-GD-2010-0041
Reimbursement for Meals and Milk Served on Weekends

This Instruction clarifies the FNS policy regarding the reimbursement of meals and milk served on weekends through the National School Lunch Program, the Commodity School Program, the School Breakfast Program, and the Special Milk Program.   

Resource | Guidance Documents | FNS-GD-2010-0040
Fees for Lunchroom Services

This Instruction sets forth the policy regarding fees, other than the basic meal charge, assessed against children participating in the National School Lunch, School Breakfast, and Special Milk Programs to support the meal or milk service.

Resource | Guidance Documents | FNS-GD-2010-0037
Reimbursement For Meals or Milk Served to Continuous School Calendar Students

This Instruction sets forth the policy on reimbursement for meals or milk served to continuous school calendar students.  

FNS Instruction 786-9 Rev. 2
Resource | Guidance Documents | FNS-GD-2002-0015
The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP): Administrative Costs

This Instruction establishes policy for charging allowable costs associated with the administration of TEFAP, and for assigning such costs to states and eligible recipient agencies (ERAs).  Such classification of costs is necessary in order to demonstrate compliance with the statutory and regulatory requirements described in section II, of this document.

FNS Instruction 716-3 Rev. 1
Resource | Guidance Documents | FNS-GD-1991-0018
Delegation of Responsibility in the Child and Adult Care Food Program

This Instruction clarifies those areas in the CACFP regulations where the approval of FNS is required before an action can be initiated. In some cases, the FNS regional office will grant final approval.

Resource | Guidance Documents | FNS-GD-1991-0017
Eligibility of Individuals Over 12 Years of Age With Mental or Physical Disabilities in Child Care Facilities Participating in the CACFP

This Instruction provides guidelines for determining the eligibility of individuals over 12 years of age with mental or physical disabilities in child care facilities under the CACFP. Note, individuals above age 18 years with mental or physical disabilities are also eligible for participation in adult day care centers participating in the CACFP.

Resource | Guidance Documents | FNS-GD-1991-0015
Special Developmental Projects

Section 10 of the Child Nutrition Act of 1966 (CNA), as amended, permits the Secretary to authorize any state or regional office, where applicable, to reserve up to 1 percent of the funds earned in any fiscal year under both the National School Lunch Act and the CNA for special developmental projects.

Resource | Guidance Documents | FNS-GD-1991-0014
Commodity Distribution Requirements in the Child and Adult Care Food Program

Section 17(h)(1)(D) of the National School Lunch Act and program regulations require that commodities be made available to all institutions expressing a preference for them unless the appropriate Food and Nutrition Service regional office approves the state agency's request for a complete cashout of commodities.

Resource | Guidance Documents | FNS-GD-1991-0012
Provider Claim Documentation and Reconciliation

This Instruction establishes CACFP policy governing the monthly reconciliation of claims submitted by family day care home providers to sponsoring organizations.