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Resource | Technical Assistance & Guidance Summer EBT Questions & Answers for EBT Processors

This question and answer document provides technical assistance on issues directly related to SNAP EBT processors – and those working with such processors – on implementing Summer EBT.

Resource | Technical Assistance & Guidance Procuring Local Foods

The resources on this page will help ensure child nutrition program operators have the resources and knowledge necessary to incorporate local foods into their day-to-day operations. 

Resource | Technical Assistance & Guidance Farm to School Resources

Find resources to implement, sustain and maintain your farm to school program. 

Resource | Technical Assistance & Guidance Replacing Stolen SNAP Benefits: State Plan Approvals

Congress passed a law in late 2022 to help SNAP participants who are victims of card skimming, cloning and other similar methods. To implement this new law, states are working quickly to develop and implement processes to help people whose SNAP benefits were stolen seek and obtain relief. FNS will list plans on this page as they are approved

Resource | Newsletters The Dirt: Farm to School e-Newsletter

The Dirt is the Patrick Leahy Farm to School program monthly e-newsletter with updates, webinar info, relevant news, and field notes. 

Resource | Technical Assistance & Guidance Retailer Requirements to Provide Online Purchasing to SNAP Households

At this time, only certain states are operating with online purchasing capabilities. FNS is working with other states interested in expanding online purchasing. 

Resource | Technical Assistance & Guidance WIC Eligibility Requirements to Bid on State Agency Infant Formula Contracts

This page includes information for vendors who may be interested in bidding on open infant formula state agency rebate contracts. Information on guidance and regulations is included, as well as any contracts open for bids. 

Resource | Technical Assistance & Guidance SNAP Retailer Reminder: Training Expectations

FNS expects SNAP authorized stores to have an established, operational compliance policy and program in place to prevent SNAP violations from occurring. Our goal is to ensure that all store owners fully understand and appreciate this responsibility and are aware of training resources.

Resource | Technical Assistance & Guidance FY 22 & FY 23 WIC FMNP eSolution (Benefit Delivery Modernization) Grant Summaries

In FY 22 and FY 23, FNS awarded over $7.4 million in grants to 32 state agencies to support WIC FMNP eSolutions.

Resource | Infographics SNAP Retailer Compliance

FNS monitors SNAP-authorized retailers and transaction data and investigates potential concerns as illustrated in this SNAP infographic highlighting retailer compliance.

Page updated: October 14, 2021