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FNS Program Participation Dashboard

The program participation dashboard is an interactive tool that provides FNS nutrition program data, including participation and meals served, at the state, territory, and national levels. 

Basic page USDA Foods by Program

Learn more about the nutritious, 100% American grown USDA Foods that are designed to meet the needs of the specific population each program serves.

Resource | Technical Assistance How to Get Your Product Considered for USDA Foods

Decision tree to help determine how to get your product considered for USDA Food distribution programs.

Basic page How to Get Your Product Considered for USDA Foods

USDA foods are required to meet a minimum criteria to be considered for purchase.

Basic page How to Get Your Product Considered for USDA Foods

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Foods are foods purchased from American farmers, dairies, ranchers, and fisheries to support Federal nutrition assistance programs and American agriculture.

Resource | Technical Assistance USDA Foods Database

Check out this database to access vendor-specific product information for all direct delivered USDA Foods for the National School Lunch Program.

Resource | Training and Outreach USDA Foods e-Letters

USDA Foods from Farm to Plate e-letters feature resources, news, and best practices, rotating our monthly focus between a trio of program-specific e-letters.

Resource | Training and Outreach Delivery Order Status Reports

The delivery order status reports from WBSCM provide detail on orders throughout the delivery cycle. The reports are posted monthly and delivery order status data is current as of the report date.

Resource | Training and Outreach WBSCM References

References for user roles, status codes, material codes and reports, and business partners and relationships are provided to understand how WBSCM data connects with business operations.

Resource | Training and Outreach National Processing Agreement Approved Processors

List of NPA approved processors for USDA Foods in Schools by school year.  

Page updated: October 14, 2021