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Resource | Flyers Comidas después de salir de la escuela del programa Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) para niños en riesgo

Be a Champion to End Childhood Hunger in Your Community

Resource | Posters Family Style Meal Service With Children in the CACFP Posters

Poster showing rules for CACFP Family Style Meals.

FNS-1010-01, FNS-1010-02, FNS-1010-03
Resource | Posters Afiches del Servicio de comidas al estilo familiar con niños en el CACFP

Poster showing rules for CACFP Family Style Meals.

FNS-1010-01, FNS-1010-02, FNS-1010-03
Resource | Infographics Stronger with School Meals Educational Materials

School meals, and the school nutrition professionals that provide them, help children be strong physically and mentally. Celebrate the school community and promote healthy foods with these fun new school meals materials.

Resource | Flyers CACFP in Emergency Shelters

CACFP in Emergency Shelters flyer.

Resource | Brochures CACFP - Building for the Future Brochure

Customizable brochure about building for the future with CACFP.

Resource | Brochures CACFP - Folleto Construyendo para el futuro

Folleto personalizable sobre cómo construir para el futuro con CACFP.

Resource | Flyers Construyendo para el Futuro con CACFP

Este es un volante y un folleto del Programa de alimentos para el cuidado de niños y adultos; Las comidas servidas por CACFP deben cumplir con los requisitos nutricionales establecidos por el USDA.

Resource | Flyers Building for the Future with CACFP

This is a flyer and brochure for the Child and Adult Care Food Program; meals served by CACFP must meet nutrition requirements established by the USDA.

Resource | Nutrition Education Grow It, Try It, Like It! Fun with Fruits and Vegetables at Family Child Care

This resource is designed to help Child and Adult Care Food Program operators provide garden-based nutrition education for children ages 3 through 5 years in family child care settings.

Page updated: October 14, 2021