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Variations in Meal Requirements for religious Reasons: Jewish Schools, Institutions, and Sponsors

This instruction is intended to clarify allowable variations to child nutrition program food components in order to meet religious needs among Jewish schools, institutions and sponsors. 

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Financial Management - Child and Adult Care Food Program

CACFP funds are provided to assist state agencies through grants and other means to initiate and maintain nonprofit food service programs for eligible children and adult participants in nonresidential institutions that provide care. This Instruction establishes program standards, principles and guidelines for financial management.

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FNS Instruction 796-2, Revision 3

This memorandum provides additional guidance on the implementation of FNS Instruction 796-2, Revision 3. 

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Child and Adult Care Food Program FNS Instruction 796-2, Rev 3

Child and Adult Care Food Program FNS Instruction 796-2, Rev 3, #10 Special Lease Costs

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FNS Instruction 796-2, Rev. 3

FNS Instruction 796-2, Revision 3 establishes standards, principles and guidelines for financial management to: (1) Assure the costs charged to the nonprofit food service are allowable, necessary and reasonable for effective and efficient program operations; (2) Assist state administering agencies and institutions in developing and maintaining financial management systems that comply with CACFP requirements; and (3) Provide, to the extent possible, all institutions of similar type doing the same work, with the same requirements.

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Verification of Eligibility Procedures in the CACFP

 The purpose of this FNS Instruction is to provide guidance regarding the number of applications that must be reviewed by state agencies conducting verification of eligibility for free and reduced price meals under the Child and Adult Care Food Program.

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Provider Claim Documentation and Reconciliation

This Instruction establishes CACFP policy governing the monthly reconciliation of claims submitted by family day care home providers to sponsoring organizations.


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Classification of Applicants in the Child and Adult Care Food Program

This Instruction is intended to clarify the policy concerning classifying applicants in the CACFP. The classification of certain center programs as either independent centers or sponsoring organization/sponsored center(s) should be made from the program administrative information contained on the Application for Participation and Management Plan for Sponsoring Organizations.

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Reimbursement for Meals Provided by Parents in the Child Care Food Program

This Instruction clarifies the FNS policy regarding the reimbursement of meals and milk served on weekends through the National School Lunch Program, the Commodity School Program, the School Breakfast Program, and the Special Milk Program.