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WIC Vendor DQs Resulting from Permanent Disqualification from the FSP

WIC Vendor DQs Resulting from Permanent  Disqualification from the FSP

WIC 1998-2
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Food Stamp Comparable Disqualifications

The following memo gives guidance on disqualifying a member of a food stamp household from the Food Stamp Program when that person fails to do something required by another public assistance program.

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Claims Against Households

Changes in references or terms that should be made


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Guidance on State Option Food Stamp Programs

The Fiscal Year 1997 Supplemental Appropriations Act (P.L. 105-18) gave states the option of purchasing federal food stamps for use in state-funded food assistance programs that provide nutrition assistance to legal immigrants and childless, able-bodied adults ineligible for the Food Stamp Program because of the three-month food stamp time limit.

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Guidance on State Option Food Stamp Programs

Attached is guidance for your staff and state agencies on submitting a request to purchase food stamps for use in state-funded nutrition programs. The guidance includes information on the terms for reimbursing the federal government for the value of food stamps distributed and the federal administrative costs incurred under such state programs.

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Two-tiered Reimbursement Structure: Approaches to Establishing the Eligibility of Enrolled Children in a Tier II Day Care Home

In response to questions from regional offices, state agencies, and sponsoring organizations, this memorandum clarifies how sponsoring organizations may establish the income eligibility of children enrolled in tier II day care homes.

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Verifying a CACFP Provider’s Household Income Through Use of IRS Form 1040

In response to recent inquiries, we are issuing the following guidance on using IRS Form 1040 to verify a provider’s household income when he/she attempts to qualify for tier I status on the basis of household income.

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Fourth Set of Questions and Answers on the Two-Tiered Reimbursement Structure for Family Day Care Homes in CACFP

Attached is a memorandum that, as a result of specific statutory requirements and review by the General Counsel’s office, must be issued, without change, to your state agencies.

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Q&As #4: Two-tier Reimbursement Structure for Family Day Care Homes Participating in CACFP

Attached is the fourth set of questions and answers on the two-tiered reimbursement structure for family day care homes in the CACFP.

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Caseload Management

Caseload Management

WIC 1997-7