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Resource | Technical Assistance & Guidance

USDA DoD Fresh DLA Service Representatives

Contact information for the USDA DoD Fresh DLA Service Representatives. 

Resource | Webinars/Videos

FDPIR Self-Determination Demonstration Project: How to Apply for Round 2 Funds

This webinar included an overview of the demonstration project, and a detailed walk-through of requirements outlined in the recently published Federal Register notice.

Resource | Grants

FDPIR Nutrition Education Grant Program

Since 2008, FNS has been awarding funding for nutrition education projects through the FDPNE grants each fiscal year. Indian Tribal Organizations and state agencies that are current FDPIR allowance holders (have a direct agreement with FNS to administer FDPIR) are eligible to apply for funds to conduct projects that provide nutrition information and services to FDPIR participants.

Resource | Grants

FDPIR Sharing Gallery: Grant Opportunities

This gallery features nutrition related grant opportunities that ITOs and FDPIR program operators may be eligible to apply for. Grants are a great way to secure funding to pursue specific nutrition-related projects and initiatives.

Resource | Policy Memos

TEFAP State Plan Requests and Allocations for FY 2023 Farm to Food Bank Projects

The purpose of this memo is to allocate funding for Farm to Food Bank Projects in FY 2023. 

Resource | Fact Sheets

The Emergency Food Assistance Program Farm to Food Bank Project Grants

The purpose of Farm to Food Bank Projects is to (a) reduce food waste at the agricultural production, processing, or distribution level through the donation of food, (b) provide food to individuals in need, and (c) build relationships between agricultural producers, processors, and distributors and emergency feeding organizations through the donation of food.

Resource | Grants

TEFAP Reach and Resiliency Grant Initiative

Overview of TEFAP Reach and Resiliency grant opportunity.

Resource | Grants

TEFAP Reach and Resiliency: Round One Projects

FNS awarded $39,419,932 in round one TEFAP Reach and Resiliency grants to 38 TEFAP state agencies.  

Resource | Webinars/Videos

TEFAP Reach and Resiliency Grants: Webinar for State Agencies

Webinar on TEFAP Reach and Resiliency Grants overview and how to apply for funding.

Resource | Webinars/Videos

TEFAP Reach and Resiliency Overview of the Grant Initiative

TEFAP Reach and Resiliency Overview of Grant Initiative webinar recording.