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Farm to School Grantee Reports

Instructions for completing the current Farm to School Grant baseline and final reports. Intended for all grantees beginning FY 2022.

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FNS-74: Federal-State Agreement Child Nutrition and Food Distribution Programs

This agreement sets out the requirements for administering the child nutrition programs and the food distribution programs.

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FNS-908: Grant Performance Progress Report

To standardize grant performance progress reporting requirements and better measure success through qualitative and quantitative metrics.

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Comment Request - Quality Control Review Schedule - FNS 380

Form FNS-380, is a SNAP worksheet used to determine eligibility and benefits for households selected for review in the quality control sample of active cases and to ensure program integrity.

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FNS 252-2: Application for Meal Services

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Major Changes Notification Template

This template is to be used by state agencies administering SNAP to notify FNS of major changes in state agency operations of SNAP as required in 7 CFR 272.15.

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FNS-7: Destination Data for Delivery of Donated Foods

Form FNS-7 "Destination Data for Delivery of Donated Foods" is to be used for reporting in conjunction with FNS Instruction 709-5.  

Form FNS-7
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FNS-155: Inventory Management Register

Consistent with 7 CFR 250.14(f)(1) and (2), FNS requires that inventories do not exceed a six-month supply of any USDA Foods without approval from FNS. Per 7 CFR 250.17(a), state agencies administering TEFAP are required to use Form FNS-155, Inventory Management Register, to report any food items in state and state-contracted warehouses that exceed six months of inventory.

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FNS-44: Report of the Child and Adult Care Food Program

Report of the Child and Adult Care Food Program for state agency submission to FNS

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FNS-152: Monthly Distribution of Donated Foods to Family Units

The ITO/state agency must submit Form FNS-152, Monthly Distribution of Donated Foods to Family Units,  that documents the data obtained in the physical inventory with the perpetual inventory record. Shortages must be reported to the appropriate FNS regional office.