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Modernizing Channels of Communication with USDA SNAP Participants

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SNAP Benefit Use

The primary purpose of this study was to better understand the current landscape of Mobile communication strategies (MCS) technology, and also highlight best practices and lessons learned from various MCS programs implemented by SNAP state agencies.

Study Objectives
  1. Provide a general overview of how MCS technologies are used by states, applicants, and participants;
  2. Conduct case studies of selected state MCS projects;
  3. Gather information on client perspectives on MCS; and
  4. Identify best practices and lessons learned for future development.
Key Findings
  • Between 2018 and 2022, SAs made significant gains in developing and implementing MCS.
  • The most common functionalities across MCS types were receiving information tailored to personal needs, certification notifications, and account changes.
  • MCS implementation benefits both program participants and case workers.
  • Best practices for MCS in the areas of development, marketing, implementation, and effectiveness were identified in the study.
Page updated: November 22, 2023