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Evaluation of Technology Modernization for SNAP Benefit Redemption Through Online Transactions

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Research, Analysis & Background
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Payment Accuracy and Program Integrity
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SNAP Benefit Use
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This study evaluated the implications of online SNAP benefit redemption on program integrity using redemption data from five retailers over six states.

Key Findings
  • The study found that even when participants had the option of online payment, most SNAP households in the pilot states made exclusively in-store purchases during the study period. However, the share of households using online purchasing grew over time.
  • How online orders were fulfilled varied by geographic location with delivery being more common in urban areas than in rural areas. Overall, less than one percent of delivery addresses were 'hotspots' where five or more different SNAP households received deliveries. None of the hotspots matched the address of an authorized SNAP retailer.
Page updated: November 09, 2023