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Assessment of the Contributions of an Interview to SNAP Eligibility and Benefit Determination


To assess the impact of waiving the SNAP eligibility interview at certification and recertification on payment accuracy, program access, administrative costs and procedures, and on staff and client satisfaction.


  • Through a competitive solicitation process, grants were awarded to three states (Utah, North Carolina, and Oregon) in September 2011 to participate in a demonstration project and evaluation to test the impact of eliminating the interview in the SNAP eligibility determination process.
  • In all three states, the demonstration is limited to less than 20 percent of their respective SNAP caseloads.
  • Demonstrations were implemented in Oregon and Utah in September 2012 and North Carolina in October 2012. All three demonstration projects will end in November 2013.
  • The evaluation of these demonstration projects will help ensure that the department has the information it needs to allow only those application process changes that do not compromise the SNAP mission, or our responsibility to tax payers.

Completed Study


Page updated: July 11, 2024