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PART 3016—Uniform Administrative Requirements for Grants and Cooperative Agreements to State and Local Governments

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This part establishes uniform administrative rules for federal grants and cooperative agreements and subawards to state, local and Indian tribal governments.

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Subpart A—General

3016.1 Purpose and scope of this part.
3016.2 Scope of subpart.
3016.3 Definitions.
3016.4 Applicability.
3016.5 Effect on other issuances.
3016.6 Additions and exceptions.

Subpart B—Pre-Award Requirements

3016.10 Forms for applying for grants.
3016.11 State plans.
3016.12 Special grant or subgrant conditions for “high-risk” grantees.

Subpart C—Post-Award Requirements

Financial Administration
3016.20 Standards for financial management systems.
3016.21 Payment.
3016.22 ;Allowable costs.
3016.23 Period of availability of funds.
3016.24 Matching or cost sharing.
3016.25 Program income.
3016.26 Non-Federal audit.

Changes, Property, and Subawards
3016.30 Changes.
3016.31 Real property.
3016.32 Equipment.
3016.33 Supplies.
3016.34 Copyrights.
3016.35 Subawards to debarred and suspended parties.
3016.36 Procurement.
3016.37 Subgrants.

Reports, Records, Retention, and Enforcement
3016.40 ;Monitoring and reporting program performance.
3016.41 Financial reporting.
3016.42 Retention and access requirements for records.
3016.43 Enforcement.
3016.44 Termination for convenience.

Subpart D—After-the-Grant Requirements

3016.50 Closeout.
3016.51 Later disallowances and adjustments.
3016.52 Collection of amounts due.

Subpart E—Entitlement

3016.60 Special procurement provisions.
3016.61 Financial reporting.

Page updated: November 02, 2023