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PART 3015—Uniform Federal Assistance Regulations

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This part specifies the set of principles for determining allowable costs under USDA grants and cooperative agreements to state and local governments, universities, non-profit and for-profit organizations as set forth in OMB Circulars A-87, A-21, A-122, and 48 CFR 31.2, respectively. This part also contains the general provisions that apply to all grants and cooperative agreements made by USDA.

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Subpart A—General

3015.1 Purpose and scope of this part.
3015.2 Applicability.
3015.3 Conflicting policies and deviations.
3015.4 Special restrictive terms.

Subpart B—Cash Depositories

3015.10 Physical segregation and eligibility.
3015.11 Separate bank accounts.
3015.12 Moneys advanced to recipients.
3015.13 Minority and women-owned banks.

Subpart C—Bonding and Insurance

3015.15 General.
3015.16 Construction and facility improvement.
3015.17 Fidelity bonds.
3015.18 Source of bonds.

Subpart D—Record Retention and Access Requirements

3015.20 Applicability.
3015.21 Retention period.
3015.22 Starting date of retention period.
3015.23 Microfilm.
3015.24 Access to records.
3015.25 Restrictions to public access.

Subpart E—Waiver of “Single” State Agency Requirements

3015.30 Waiver of “single” state agency requirements.

Subpart F—Grant Related Income

3015.40 Scope.
3015.41 General program income.
3015.42 Proceeds from sale of real property and from sale of equipment and supplies acquired for use.
3015.43 Royalties and other income earned from a copyrighted work.
3015.44 Royalties or equivalent income earned from patents or from inventions.
3015.45 ;Other program income.
3015.46 Interest earned on advances of grant funds.

Subpart G—Cost-Sharing or Matching

3015.50 Scope.
3015.51 Acceptable contributions and costs.
3015.52 Qualifications and exceptions.
3015.53 Valuation of donated services.
3015.54 Valuation of donated supplies and loaned equipment or space.
3015.55 Valuation of donated equipment, buildings, and land.
3015.56 Appraisal of real property.

Subpart H—Standards for Financial Management Systems

3015.60 Scope.
3015.61 Financial management standards.

Subpart I [Reserved]

Subpart J—Financial Reporting Requirements

3015.80 Scope and applicability.
3015.81 General.
3015.82 Financial status report.
3015.83 Federal cash transactions report.
3015.84 Request for advance or reimbursement.
3015.85 Outlay report and request for reimbursement for construction programs.

Subpart K—Monitoring and Reporting Program Performance

3015.90 Scope.
3015.91 Monitoring by recipients.
3015.92 Performance reports.
3015.93 Significant developments.
3015.94 Site visits.
3015.95 Waivers, extensions and enforcement actions.

Subpart L—Payment Requirements

3015.100 Scope.
3015.101 General.
3015.102 Payment methods.
3015.103 Withholding payments.
3015.104 Requesting advances or reimbursements.
3015.105 Payments to subrecipients.

Subpart M—Programmatic Changes and Budget Revisions

3015.110 Scope and applicability.
3015.111 Cost principles.
3015.112 Approval procedures.
3015.113 Programmatic changes.
3015.114 Budgets—general.
3015.115 Budget revisions.
3015.116 Construction and non-construction work under the same grant, sub-grant, or cooperative agreement.

Subpart N—Grant and Sub-grant Closeout, Suspension and Termination

3015.120 Closeout.
3015.121 Amounts payable to the Federal government.
3015.122 Violation of terms.
3015.123 Suspension.
3015.124 Termination.
3015.125 Applicability to sub-grants.

Subparts O-P [Reserved]

Subpart Q—Application for Federal Assistance

3015.150  Scope and applicability.
3015.151 Authorized forms.
3015.152 Pre-application for Federal assistance.
3015.153 Notice of pre-application review action.
3015.154 Application for Federal assistance (non-construction programs).
3015.155 Application for Federal assistance (construction programs).
3015.156 Application for Federal assistance (short form).
3015.157 Authorized form for nongovernmental organizations.
3015.158 Competition in the awarding of discretionary grants and cooperative agreements.

Subpart R—Property

3015.160 Scope and applicability.
3015.161 Additional requirements.
3015.162 Title to real property, equipment and supplies.
3015.163 Real property.
3015.164 Statutory exemptions for equipment and supplies.
3015.165 Rights to require transfer of equipment.
3015.166 Use of equipment.
3015.167 Replacement of equipment.
3015.168 Disposal of equipment.
3015.169 Equipment management requirements.
3015.170 Damage, loss, or theft of equipment.
3015.171 Unused supplies.
3015.172 Federal share of real property, equipment, and supplies.
3015.173 Using or returning the Federal share.
3015.174 Subrecipient's share.
3015.175 Intangible personal property.

Subpart S—Procurement

3015.180 Scope and applicability.
3015.181 Standards of conduct.
3015.182 Open and free competition.
3015.183 Access to contractor records.
3015.184 Equal employment opportunity.

Subpart T—Cost Principles

3015.190 Scope.
3015.191 Governments.
3015.192 Institutions of higher education.
3015.193 Other non-profit organizations.
3015.194 For-profit organizations.
3015.195 Sub-grants and cost-type contracts.
3015.196 Costs allowable with approval.

Subpart U—Miscellaneous

3015.200 Acknowledgement of support on publications and audiovisuals.
3015.201 Use of consultants.
3015.202 Limits on total payments to the recipient.
3015.203 [Reserved]
3015.204 Federal Register publications.
3015.205 General provisions for grants and cooperative agreements with institutions of higher education, other nonprofit organizations, and hospitals.

Subpart V—Intergovernmental Review of Department of Agriculture Programs and Activities

3015.300 Purpose.
3015.301 Definitions.
3015.302 Applicability.
3015.303 Secretary's general responsibilities.
3015.304 Federal interagency coordination.
3015.305 State selection of programs and activities.
3015.306 Communication with state and local elected officials.
3015.307 State comments on proposed Federal financial assistance and direct Federal development.
3015.308 Processing comments.
3015.309 Accommodation of intergovernmental concerns.
3015.310 Interstate situations.
3015.311 Simplification, consolidation, or substitution of state plans.
3015.312 Waivers.

Page updated: December 27, 2022