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PART 253—Administration of the Food Distribution Program for Households on Indian Reservations

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This part describes the terms and conditions under which: commodities (available under part 250 of this chapter) may be distributed to households on or near all or any part of any Indian reservation, the program may be administered by capable Indian tribal organizations, and funds may be obtained from the Department for the costs incurred in administering the program. This part also provides for the concurrent operation of the Food Distribution Program and the Food Stamp Program on Indian reservations when such concurrent operation is requested by an ITO.


§253.1   General purpose and scope.
§253.2   Definitions.
§253.3   Availability of commodities.
§253.4   Administration.
§253.5   State agency requirements.
§253.6   Eligibility of households.
§253.7   Certification of households.
§253.8   Administrative disqualification procedures for intentional program violation.
§253.9   Claims against households.
§253.10   Commodity control, storage and distribution.
§253.11   Administrative funds.

Updated: 09/06/2017