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PART 247—Commodity Supplemental Food Program

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Through CSFP, the Department provides nutritious commodities to help state and local agencies meet the nutritional needs of low-income elderly persons. CSFP also helps state and local agencies meet the nutritional needs of women, infants, and children who were certified and receiving CSFP benefits as of Feb. 6, 2014. Through local agencies, each participant receives a monthly package of commodities, based on food package guide rates developed by FNS, with input from state and local agencies. Food packages include such nutritious foods as canned fruits and vegetables, canned meat, poultry and other protein items, and grain products such as pasta, as well as other foods. Participants are offered the opportunity to receive nutrition education.


§247.1   Definitions.
§247.2   The purpose and scope of CSFP.
§247.3   Administering agencies.
§247.4   Agreements.
§247.5   State and local agency responsibilities.
§247.6   State plan.
§247.7   Selection of local agencies.
§247.8   Individuals applying to participate in CSFP.
§247.9   Eligibility requirements.
§247.10   Distribution and use of CSFP commodities.
§247.11   Applicants exceed caseload levels.
§247.12   Rights and responsibilities.
§247.13   Provisions for non-English or limited-English speakers.
§247.14   Other public assistance programs.
§247.15   Notification of eligibility or ineligibility of applicant.
§247.16   Certification period.
§247.17   Notification of discontinuance of participant.
§247.18   Nutrition education.
§247.19   Dual participation.
§247.20   Program violations.
§247.21   Caseload assignment.
§247.22   Allocation and disbursement of administrative funds to State agencies.
§247.23   State provision of administrative funds to local agencies.
§247.24   Recovery and redistribution of caseload and administrative funds.
§247.25   Allowable uses of administrative funds and other funds.
§247.26   Return of administrative funds.
§247.27   Financial management.
§247.28   Storage and inventory of commodities.
§247.29   Reports and recordkeeping.
§247.30   Claims.
§247.31   Audits and investigations.
§247.32   Termination of agency participation.
§247.33   Fair hearings.
§247.34   Management reviews.
§247.35   Local agency appeals of State agency actions.
§247.36   Confidentiality of applicants or participants.
§247.37   Civil rights requirements.

Page updated: September 13, 2023