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PART 227—Nutrition Education and Training Program

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The purpose of these regulations is to implement section 19 of the Child Nutrition Act (added by PL 95-166, effective Nov. 10, 1977) which authorizes the Secretary to formulate and carry out a nutrition information and education program through a system of grants to state agencies to provide for (a) the nutritional training of educational and foodservice personnel, (b) the foodservice management training of school foodservice personnel, and (c) the conduct of nutrition education activities in schools and child care institutions. To the maximum extent possible, the program shall fully utilize the child nutrition programs as a learning experience.

Subpart A—General

§227.1   General purpose and scope.
§227.2   Definitions.
§227.3   Administration.
§227.4   Application and agreement.
§227.5   Program funding.

Subpart B—State Agency Provisions

§227.30   Responsibilities of state agencies.
§227.31   Audits, management reviews, and evaluations.

Subpart C—State Coordinator Provisions

§227.35   Responsibilities of state coordinator.
§227.36   Requirements of needs assessment.
§227.37   State plan for nutrition education and training.

Subpart D—Miscellaneous

§227.40   Program information.
§227.41   Recovery of funds.
§227.42   Grant closeout procedures.
§227.43   Participation of adults.
§227.44   Management evaluations and reviews.

Appendix to Part 227—Apportionment of Funds for Nutrition Education and Training

Page updated: March 06, 2023