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PART 226—Child and Adult Care Food Program

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This part announces the regulations under which the Secretary of Agriculture will carry out the Child and Adult Care Food Program. Section 17 of the Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act, as amended, authorizes assistance to states through grants-in-aid and other means to initiate, maintain, and expand nonprofit food service programs for children and adult participants in non-residential institutions which provide care. The Program is intended to provide aid to child and adult participants and family or group day care homes for provision of nutritious foods that contribute to the wellness, healthy growth, and development of young children, and the health and wellness of older adults and chronically impaired persons.

Subpart A—General

§226.1   General purpose and scope.
§226.2   Definitions.
§226.3   Administration.

Subpart B—Assistance to States

§226.4   Payments to States and use of funds.
§226.5   Donation of commodities.

Subpart C—State Agency Provisions

§226.6   State agency administrative responsibilities.
§226.7   State agency responsibilities for financial management.
§226.8   Audits.

Subpart D—Payment Provisions

§226.9   Assignment of rates of reimbursement for centers.
§226.10   Program payment procedures.
§226.11   Program payments for centers.
§226.12   Administrative payments to sponsoring organizations for day care homes.
§226.13   Food service payments to sponsoring organizations for day care homes.
§226.14   Claims against institutions.

Subpart E—Operational Provisions

§226.15   Institution provisions.
§226.16   Sponsoring organization provisions.
§226.17   Child care center provisions.
§226.17a   At-risk afterschool care center provisions.
§226.18   Day care home provisions.
§226.19   Outside-school-hours care center provisions.
§226.19a   Adult day care center provisions.
§226.20   Requirements for meals.
§226.21   Food service management companies.
§226.22   Procurement standards.
§226.23   Free and reduced-price meals.

Subpart F—Food Service Equipment Provisions

§226.24   Property management requirements.

Subpart G—Other Provisions

§226.25   Other provisions.
§226.26   Program information.
§226.27   Information collection/recordkeeping—OMB assigned control numbers.

Appendix A to Part 226—Alternate Foods for Meals
Appendix B to Part 226 [Reserved]
Appendix C to Part 226—Child Nutrition (CN) Labeling Program

Page updated: April 07, 2023