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Fiscal Year 2006 - Outreach Grants Summary of Funded Grants

Last Published: 11/13/2013

Summary of Funded Projects

The following organizations received outreach grants from the Food and Nutrition Service in fiscal year 2006. A brief summary of each grant project is provided. 

  • Catholic Charities of Wichita, Inc., $60,528, 2 Year Project

Location: Wichita, Kansas
Target Area: Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas
Target Population: Working Poor, Seniors, and Immigrants

Project Summary: Catholic Charities will participate in community events to educate the community about food stamp benefits and use bilingual staff to do pre-screening and application assistance. Services will be offered at parochial schools and the organization's food pantry.

  • East Arkansas Family Health Center, Inc., $74,918, 2 Year Project

Location: West Memphis, Arkansas
Target Area: West Memphis and Lepanto, Arkansas
Target Population: General Low Income

Project Summary: Food stamp outreach, including pre-screening and application assistance, information dissemination, and educational sessions (hosted by partners) will be integrated into a community health center system. A unique feature is that the transportation barrier will be overcome through delivery of completed applications to the local office by the outreach worker.

  • Families Under Urban and Social Attack (FUUSA), Inc., $74,847, 1 Year Project

Location: Houston, Texas
Target Area: Houston, Harris County, Texas
Target Population: Working Poor and Immigrants

Project Summary: Through collaborative relationships with partners, FUUSA will conduct a public education campaign featuring non-paid and donated media. In addition, FUUSA will also conduct pre-screening and application assistance as well as distribute information to the working poor and immigrants.

  • The Food Bank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties, $45,087, 1 Year Project

Location: Neptune, New Jersey
Target Area: Monmouth and Ocean Counties, New Jersey
Target Population: Working Poor, Seniors and Immigrants

Project Summary: The food bank will implement a project to train staff and volunteers at all member agencies to do pre-screening, application assistance and information dissemination, replicating a model from a nearby food bank.

  • Genesys Health System/Health Access, $74,901, 2 Year Project

Location: Grand Blanc, Michigan
Target Area: Genesee County Michigan, especially Flint
Target Population: General Low Income

Project Summary: Health Access will incorporate outreach, including pre-screening and application assistance, into existing programs to create a sustainable project. In addition, information will be distributed to all clients and information will be shared at community events and health fairs.

  • Greater Waterbury Interfaith Ministries, $61,050, 1 Year Project

Location: Waterbury, Connecticut
Target Area: Waterbury, Connecticut (New Haven County)
Target Population: Hispanic Immigrants

Project Summary: Through their network of 70 faith-based organizations, Greater Waterbury Interfaith Ministries will train volunteers and staff to pre-screen, provide application assistance and distribute information. In addition, pre-screening will be incorporated into the intake process at emergency food programs. Earned and donated media will help increase awareness.

  • Intercultural Family Health Education Center, Inc., $74,087, 1 Year Project

Location: West Palm Beach, Florida
Target Area: Palm Beach County, Florida
Target Population: Haitian Immigrants

Project Summary: A culturally competent (Haitian), community based outreach program will be established and a network of partners including faith-based organizations and retailers will be set up. Staff and volunteers will be trained to provide pre-screening, application assistance and follow up. Advertisements will air on Haitian radio.

  • Louisville/Jefferson County Metro Government, $74,939, 16 Month Project

Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Target Area: Louisville Metropolitan Area and Jefferson County, Kentucky
Target Population: Working Poor, Seniors, and Immigrants

Project Summary: Staff and volunteers will be trained to provide basic information and refer individuals for pre-screening and application assistance at community locations and through home visits. In addition, a media campaign and community events will be implemented in further efforts to raise awareness. The transit authority will donate bus passes to overcome transportation barriers.

  • Montana Food Bank Network, Inc., $69,000, 2 Year Project

Location: Missoula, Montana
Target Area: Billings, Helena, Butte, Kalispell, Missoula and Cascade County, Montana
Target Population: Homeless and Working Poor

Project Summary: Case managers at homeless service organizations in selected sites across Montana will be trained to do pre-screening and application assistance to create a sustainable food stamp outreach system.

  • New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority, $69,685, 18 Month Project

Location: Bedford, New Hampshire
Target Area: Rural New Hampshire
Target Population: Working Poor, Elderly

Project Summary: Through this unique model in a rural area, New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority will reach out to tenants and those on waiting list for public housing; train housing staff about the FSP; include FSP information in tenant newsletters and packets; and work with State to simplify the application process for public housing tenants.

  • PathWays PA, Inc., $75,000, 1 Year Project

Location: Holmes, Pennsylvania
Target Area: Delaware County, Pennsylvania
Target Population: Working Poor

Project Summary: PathWays PA will launch a community based effort to distribute information and use laptops to offer pre-screening and online application assistance to low wage workers.

  • The Salvation Army, $75,000, 2 Year Project

Location: Roseville, Minnesota
Target Area: Twin Cities Metropolitan Area
Target Population: Working Poor and Seniors

Project Summary: Outreach, including pre-screening and application assistance, will be integrated into all United Way programs including food shelf, emergency services, and meal programs. A food stamp lesson will be incorporated into money management classes offered at selected sites.

  • Special Services for Groups, $75,000, 2 Year Project

Location: Los Angeles, California
Target Area:  Los Angeles County, California
Target Population: Tongan Immigrants

Project Summary: Outreach to the Tongan population will be accomplished through information dissemination of outreach material (translated into the Tongan language) at community events. Pre-screening and application assistance will be available at the Tongan Community Service Center. Tongan churches have agreed to host meetings, events, or presentations.

  • Structured Employment Economic Development Corporation (SEEDCO), $75,000, 1 Year Project

Location: New York, New York
Target Area: Brooklyn (specifically East Williamsburg, Flatbush, and Cypress Hills), New York
Target Population: General Low Income

Project Summary: SEEDCO will use a web-based multi-benefit system to pre-screen and provide application assistance. They will provide training and sub-grants to three Community Based Organizations (CBOs), two of which also operate Voluntary Income Tax Assistance (VITA) centers. The CBOs will also distribute information at outreach events, community sites, and through educational workshops.

  • United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona, $75,000, 1 Year Project

Location: Tucson, Arizona
Target Area: Pima County, Arizona
Target Population: Working Poor and Seniors

Project Summary: A train-the-trainer model will be implemented to incorporate outreach, including pre-screening, application assistance, and information dissemination, into existing United Way programs including VITA sites and child care.