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2010 Summer Food for Children Demonstrations

Enhanced Summer Food Service Program 2010 Project descriptions

In Summer 2010, two demonstration projects testing incentives to the SFSP were implemented:

In Mississippi, the Activity Incentive Project provided grant funding to support activity costs for sponsors in the State that plan and implement enrichment or recreational activities to engage children at SFSP meal service sites. Activities and special events help draw children to meal sites and keep site participation high. The goal was to evaluate if providing sponsors with additional funding to create activities at their meals sites will increase SFSP participation.

In Arkansas, the Extending Length of Operation Incentive Project provided additional funding to all eligible sponsors in the selected State that operate meal service sites for a minimum of 40 days in the summer. An additional $0.50 reimbursement was provided for each lunch served at sites that are open for this length of time or longer. The purpose was to determine whether a financial incentive can encourage programs of longer duration, thereby improving access for low-income children.

These two projects were selected in order to test financial incentives to address barriers to access in SFSP that have not been tested previously.

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Page updated: February 24, 2022