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Last Published: 06/25/2018

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The FNS Office of Food Safety monitors food safety recalls and complaints about USDA Foods, and coordinates with food safety partners in the resolution of complaints that may present a food safety concern. This page provides resources for such complaints as well as product recall information for State Distributing Agencies participating in USDA’s Food Distribution Programs.  

For food related health concerns contact your Department of Public Health.

RecallsHold & Recall Procedures

  • USDA State Emergency Notification System (SENS)
    SENS is a tool that allows State Agencies to rapidly communicate critical food recall information to Recipient Agencies so they can remove contaminated food from distribution.
  • Responding to a Food Recall
    This document provides an overview of the recall process for USDA Foods with a focus on school meals programs.
  • White Paper: Food Safety Enforcement and Inspection Actions and Terminology
    This resource provides an overview of basic food safety enforcement terminology used by the Food Safety and Inspection Service that may impact school distributing agencies, school food authorities, and processors of USDA- regulated meat, poultry, and egg products.  A variety of resources are provided at the end of the white paper for readers who would like additional information.
  • USDA/FNS Commodity Alert System
    This web-based public notification system will send email alerts about food safety issues with potentially significant public health impacts that affect USDA Foods.
  • Latest Recall Information
    This service from lists recalls of all foods within the U.S.


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ComplaintsConsumer Complaints Outside of USDA Foods