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National School Lunch Program Application/Verification Pilot Project: Report on First Year Experience

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Twenty-two school food authorities (SFAs) across 16 states began testing pilot procedures in 2000-01 to determine and verify the eligibility of children for Free and Reduced Price (F/RP) school meals. Three pilot F/RP eligibility determination models are being tested over a three-year period. The three models are: Up-Front Documentation; Graduated Verification; Verify Direct Certification.

This project responds to a growing concern on the part of the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) about program integrity issues associated with the current system by which SFAs determine eligibility for F/RP school meals. This report provides a description of these SFAs' experience during their first year under the pilot procedures (2000-01), drawing comparisons with the same SFAs' NSLP operations over a two-year pre-pilot baseline. Results are presented for each pilot group.

Page updated: April 01, 2022